Medical Informatix (MIFOInc.)  specializes in working with independent primary care Physicians allowing them to be doctors while we provide and manage the analytics needed to maximize profitability in their quality and value based contracts while providing superior healthcare to their patients.

Our History

Medical Informatix (MIFOInc.) was formed in 2020.  Our clients in Quality Contracts expressed a need for a single platform to manage their quality and value based programs.  We heard them and developed a platform that allows Doctors to practice medicine while we handle the analytics and processes required to succeed in Quality and Value Based Programs. MIFOInc. is a subsidiary of HITS Consulting Group and our decade in healthcare information technology and experience with government incentive programs and contracts is extensive. Today, with our new software platform, we continue to support independent medical practices, managing workflows, processes, data collection and reporting to enable them to participate in the ever-evolving assortment of programs, sponsored by both government and private payers, designed to improve the healthcare system by coupling quality metrics with reimbursements.

Our Unique Style

Our approach is collaborative and immersive. We are subject matter experts so that you and your staff do not have to be. We begin with a deep dive into your current workflows, procedures and EHR data collection. We then work with you and your staff to identify and meet the quality metrics that will result in the greatest impact on your practice and your patients.

At MIFOInc, we believe that we are not solving an IT problem – it is a healthcare delivery problem. Our belief aligns itself with Former HHS Secretary, Governor Mike Leavitt’s expression that we have three choices when it comes to value in healthcare:

  • Fight or die
  • Wait and be left behind, or
  • Lead it and prosper

Our Team

Our Customer Success Team includes experts in government and private payer quality and value based programs. Our experienced staff members are  passionate and skilled in working with practice staff to optimize success in quality and value based programs.