Knowing all about our Health Care Business Intelligence Tool

This info-graphic entitled ‘Knowing all about our Health Care Business Intelligence Tool’ provides us an overview of our tool designed to analyse the health care data. Like many natural resources, raw data has restricted value until it’s refined to make it appropriate for people to use. Converting data into a valuable commodity postulates advanced analytics techniques. Healthcare analytics is the process of determining current and historical industry data to predict trends, enhance outreach, and even better come through the spread Learn More “Knowing all about our Health Care Business Intelligence Tool”

About Us

Medical Informatix specializes in working with independent primary care physicians allowing them to be doctors while we provide and manage the analytics needed to maximize profitability in their quality and value-based contracts while providing superior healthcare to their patients. That’s who Medical Informatix is!


Roy Breitenbach, Esq., Leader of the Health Care Industry at Harris Beach, provides an overview of the regulatory requirements of the NY Hero Act and provides valuable guidance on current vaccination standards in the workplace along with other COVID-related issues.

First Horizon Bank – Lending and Financing Opportunities

Join Leo Mutchler, CFP from First Horizon Bank as he reviews opportunities for 100% financing for your owner occupied medical and dental space and personal residence. Leo will review how current economic conditions have made financing and lending opportunities a top strategy to fund short-term and long-term growth. The current interest rate environment provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help move your practice towards growth and allows you to meet your business and financial needs.

Medicare Advisory – Healthwiz Solutions

Meet Ruthlyn Noel-Joseph, a licensed advisor, a board-certified patient advocate and a health care problem solver who specializes in Medicare advisory. As many baby boomers approach retirement the decisions that affect your health, your care and your overall well-being are paramount. If you are contemplating retirement or have already begun the process, do not go any further without a consultation with Healthwhiz Solutions. Why enter into such a critical decision without the guidance of a Medicare specialist? Visit the Healthwiz Learn More “Medicare Advisory – Healthwiz Solutions”

Introducing All Boro

  “All Boro is a remediation, restoration and construction company that has provided services to both the commercial and residential sectors for 24 years. In the commercial sector they primarily focus their efforts in the non for profit industry, in healthcare (hospitals, long-term care nursing facilities, ambulatory facilities and private medical offices) and work with property management companies. They are licensed to work in the 5 boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester; they refer to their service territory as “from Montauk Learn More “Introducing All Boro”


On March 9, 2021, Susanne Madden of the Verden Group gave a webinar on Value Based Contracts: Are You Ready? The entire webinar is available to view here.